Why Your Small Business Needs a Strong Brand Identity

Why Your Small Business Needs a Strong Brand Identity

Your brand identity should be the basis for all your communication with your existing and potential customers. Your brand entails how you want to portray your business to your customers. When you have developed a strong brand identity, you will find it is much easier to stand apart from your competitors and project your values to attract your potential client.

There are three key areas you need to follow while developing your brand identity:- 

1. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Every brand has competitors and you want your potential customers to prefer your brand over theirs. Therefore, when you are creating your brand strategy you need to have a very good understanding of your competitors and their activities.

Try to collect information about them including their website, products, services, and promotional strategies. This will help you to understand their strengths, weaknesses, who they are targeting and importantly what is their USP. 

2. Who are your customers?

At the center of your brand strategy is the need to understand your ideal customers, how they perceive, feel and behave. The important word in the last sentence is “feel” because it can be used to evoke specific feelings in your audience. Your customers are people and you need to tap into their emotions to truly develop a connection between your brand and their needs, wants and desires.

There are many ways to do this and one of the easiest is to communicate with them, listening and observing how they listen; what they look like; what words they use; how they express their needs, desires and their likes and dislikes.

3. Your unique selling proposition

Once you have gained a better understanding of your competitors and customers you are now in a position to determine your key areas and differentiate your business from the competition and appropriately position your brand.

4. Why is brand personality important?

You also need to determine your brand’s personality as this brings your brand to life. With a strong brand personality, customers are much more likely to remember your business. The logo, visuals, websites, business cards, etc. play a major role in the effective branding of a business. 

Ultimately if you can have your brand convey the emotional connection with your customers, then it is much more difficult for your competitors to steal them from you.

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