Paid Advertising Services

advertising campaign setup

One of the basic fundamental of any great advertising campaign is to understand the audience you’re targeting to reach. The same goes for any noteworthy social media advertising campaign – to conduct one worthy of your ad dollars, you first need to know who it is you’re speaking to. Setting-up an effective social media campaigns is not an easy task.

A strong brand creates a helpful relationship between consumers and a business, product or service. Branding is important because it helps the customer to remember a company in a positive way. Creating a successful brand requires that a business understands its customer base and aligns its business interest with the customers’ needs and wants.

Our primary function is to increase the sales of the product or services by attractive prospective buyers.  Our work is not only attracts new customers but also reminds and maintains old customer. The most exciting and original ideas will be wasted unless they are not presented through the right media in the right place at the right time to the right people.

Ingredients of Successful Campaign


Before you even start thinking about where you might want to place an ad or even what it could look like, it’s important to do at least some basic research.

Budget Allocation

Once your budget has been confirmed, you can identify the potential platforms where this budget can be spent, as well as determining the scale of the campaign.

Ad Creation

By this stage, you have decided on all the important elements of your campaign. Finding the right person or agency who can handle all aspects of creating your ad, even if that means subcontracting, it can save you a lot of time.

Goal Setup

Before you do anything else, you must identify your goals. The aims you have in mind for a particular advertising project need to be written down ahead of time.

Advertising Platform

Using allocated budget and keeping in mind both your target audience and offer; you need to decide which platforms you are going to use for your campaigns.

Ad Placement

Once you have a finished ad in hand, it’s time to actually place it with your preferred advertising venue. You will need to customize your message per platform based on image dimensions and text limitations.


While your marketing campaign’s running, it’s important that you check the daily performance and keep a note of what’s working for you. Starting with great objectives will hold you on the right path for your campaign. You’ll end up with a carefully constructed campaign, where every avenue has been thought of and planned for. Whether you need a brand new campaign or you’re looking to improve the results from your existing campaigns, we’d love to hear from you!